Saturday, December 6, 2008

Electric Car Conversions from Electric Blue

So you really do not feel like waiting for the major automakers to offer an electric car? Do you want to make a difference now and not wait until 2012, or whenever someone actually offers EV's or PHEV's? Don't worry, there are really good companies out there that will convert your current vehicle to all-electric. This is an extremely attractive option for those individuals who do not require a huge range to make their daily commutes.

One of the best out there is an outfit in Walton, Kansas named Electric Blue. Wayne Alexander is the owner, has been converting cars for more than 30 years and has this to say about his business; "It's always been steady, but this is out of hand now, I have them waiting in line. With all the parts in front of me, I just jump from car to car, like an assembly line." So even with our economy in decline, business is booming for DIY electric vehicles.

Alexander charges about $12,500 to convert any car or pickup truck to electric. He now converts about four cars a month, up from about one or two cars a month last year, and believes he's got the busiest conversion shop in the country. Wayne Alexander is not alone, as other conversion companies are reporting similar sales jumps. He says his cars can normally reach speeds up to 70 mph and can go about 35 miles at that speed on a single charge. They also can be plugged into a 110-volt outlet and are recharged in about five hours.

Wayne likes to convert light pickups best as they can handle the weight and space requirement of the 24 lead acid batteries. Most of the batteries are stored neatly under the bed and integrated into the chassis with fabricated sheet metal. Initially, the pickups will have a 50 mile range, but it is best to limit the distances to 35 miles or so in order to preserve battery life.

Instead of forking over 40 grand when the Volt comes out, you can buy a Chevy S-10 or Ford Ranger with a blown engine and let Electric Blue convert it for you for a fraction of the price. Even if you have to commute 30 miles to work, if there is an outlet available, you can plug it in and then have a full charge for the return trip home. All without using a drop of gas.

That's what I call living oil free!

Visit the Electric Blue website here.


ZAP Alias said...

EVs are a great solution to a lot of problems: oil price fluctuation, pollution, maintenance costs, and really it is the best sort of vehicle to be in if you are stuck in a traffic jam! Ideal for city driving.

Jabroni said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I wish I had a three or four car garage so that I could house an EV like the ZAP. In the evenings and on weekends, I rarely leave the city and a car like the ZAP or Zenn or Miles would be ideal. The prices for these are reasonable as well.

I just need to convince the wife that we can park one more car in the driveway!