Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pickens Plan teams up with Owens Corning

I copied this from the Pickens Plan web blog since I felt it was a great example of someone trying to live oil free. What is ironic is knowing that Pickens made his fortune in oil. At least now he is exerting all his considerable will and resources into promoting alternate energy and alternate fuel for transportation. Check out his website here.

Boone and the Pink Panther

The Pickens Plan is moving ahead. Last week we teamed up with the American Lung Association.

This week we got a great partner when the Owen Corning company came on board.

We hitched up the T. Boone Express and took a ride to Toledo, Ohio where they are headquartered.

You know Owens Corning; they’re the guys who do insulation and have the Pink Panther as their mascot.

We were both pretty happy about the deal!

Owens Corning is helping us expand the Pickens Plan from our focus on energy production into the area of energy conservation. According to the CEO of Owens Corning, Mike Thaman, adding insulation to existing homes and buildings can save millions of dollars a year in imported oil - especially in the Northeast - and in natural gas in homes heated by gas or electricity.

Either way, that translates into less foreign oil and I’m for less foreign oil.
Mike Thaman invited me to do a town hall with the staff at the Toledo headquarters. But listen to this: They hooked up the video deal to 78 U.S. locations, five in Europe and two in Asia.

This is what the scene looked like from the control booth.

The important thing is that with the American Lung Association and Owens Corning this deal is gathering steam.

Barack Obama announced his energy and environmental team yesterday. Dr. Seven Chu, who won a Nobel Prize in physics, will be Energy Secretary. Carole Browner will be the person in the White House who oversees energy and the environment which tells me that Dr. Chu will run the labs but the policy will come out of the White House.

That’s a good thing for us. You remember I met with Carole Browner a week or so ago when she was heading up the Energy Transition Team.

A good day for the Pickens Plan, army. We’re marching forward!

– Boone

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