Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AFS Trinity's XH150 pulled for LA Auto Show

This news is quite upsetting to me. From auto123.com:

"AFS Trinity Corporation has just announced that it will be pulling its XH150 hybrid SUV from the Los Angeles Auto Show and presenting it elsewhere in the city during that period. This announcement follows the decision of the manufacturers and the Los Angeles Auto Show authorities to muzzle AFS Trinity, as the fuel consumption of their vehicle has not been verified by the EPA."

The reason why AFS pulled out is because the LA Auto show relegated the company to the basement floor away from all the main foot traffic. Furthermore, the show prohibited AFS Trinity from using billboards that proclaimed their 150 mpg capabilities.

This tells me one thing. The major automakers are HOSTILE to fuel efficient vehicles and to any and all alternate fuel vehicles. The AFS Trinity AH150 is a plug-in hybrid Saturn Vue that I would love to see in my driveway. Unfortunately, major automakers do NOT want to see it in my drive. A plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius could give me 100 mpg, but do you see them selling these? No.

From the AFS Trinity website:

"The company's decision followed actions by the LA Auto Show to muzzle AFS Trinity from highlighting the 150 miles per gallon fuel economy of its XH150 prototype vehicles. "The suppression by the automakers of information about technologies such as this raises serious questions about the judgment, vision, intentions and capabilities of the leadership of these companies,” said Edward W. Furia, Chairman and CEO of AFS Trinity. “Such conduct by the automakers, who are currently seeking tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, ostensibly to develop fuel efficient vehicle technologies, is evidence they are reluctant to embrace solutions they didn’t invent.”

Something rotten in Denmark...still.

This is the vehicle America needs to live oil free now. Instead, the major auto manufacturer's thwart the technology, produce crappy gas guzzlers, drive their companies into the ground and then have the unmitigated audacity to beg the government for multi-billion dollar bailouts.

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