Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Solar Power

Have you ever considered solar power for your home? I have, but am daunted by the big price tag. It can cost up to 20 grand to have a decent sized solar array installed on the roof and then tied into the grid. With a home equity loan you can keep the monthly costs down but it still would take you 20 years to recoup the initial costs of the installation.

I have done some extensive Internet research for home solar kits and the basic packages run anywhere from 8 to 10 grand. This is obviously much less than the 20 grand but you will not have the capacity to run your entire house. The size of the solar array in these less costly kits will probably supply about a third of your electricity demands. Still, it would be a great start!

Do you think our government should give homeowners a tax credit for installing a solar system? The government gives everyone else money for all sorts of idiotic causes, why not a worthy cause? Probably one of the best reasons to have solar is because one day we will be able to buy electric cars and then have the ability to "fill then up" for free!

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