Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GM considers dumping Saab, Saturn and Pontiac

According to early reports from Bloomberg, General Motors is considering eliminating Saab, Saturn and Pontiac as part of its overall strategy to prove to Congress that it is worthy of government assistance.

From Automotive News:

"The automaker is preparing to submit a detailed turnaround plan to Congress on Tuesday, followed by hearings next week in its quest for a federal loan to avert a cash shortage.

GM already has said it may sell Hummer.

GM's board will meet Sunday and Monday, both regularly scheduled meetings, to review the plan to be presented to Congress, Bloomberg said. Only a small portion of that plan will be made public."

I could see GM dumping Hummer and Pontiac and even Buick, but I would hate to see Saturn go. The Saturn Vue plug-in was supposed to be in production in 2010 and would represent the first plug-in hybrid electric to be sold in the US. I wonder if GM would sell the Saturn brand or just let it die like Oldsmobile?

Don't you wish we were privvy to the meetings this weekend?

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