Friday, November 28, 2008

Low Gas Prices and the Oil Free Movement

So what are the prices at the pump in your neck of the woods this weekend? Where I live in central Ohio, they were in the $1.50's on Wednesday and then jumped to $1.75 on Thanksgiving. Inexplicably. Is there any other commodity on Earth that can retail for $4.00 in summer and then $1.50 in the fall? I can't think of any.

What I am already seeing and hearing are consumers who are forgetting the bad gas times and returning to their gas guzzling ways. It has only been two or three months and we are forgetting the pain we felt. How can our memories be so short?

I sincerely hope that we, as consumers, will continue to demand more fuel efficient vehicles, more electric vehicles, more (any) plug-in hybrid vehicles and more alternative energy vehicles. Oil prices are dictated/controlled by Big Oil and as long as we are so addicted, we are their slaves. My biggest fear is that we will completely forget (the past) and then watch helplessly as the auto makers return to their oil soaked ways. Giving us 25/35 (city/hwy) mpg vehicles day after day after day...

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