Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gas Prices this week

As I am driving across the State of Ohio today, I see gas prices for regular unleaded ranging from $1.67 to $1.79. To be sure, I never dreamed I would see gasoline prices this low again in my lifetime. A couple of questions immediately come to mind, namely, "How long will these low prices last?" and, "How do these low prices effect our nation's resolve to get off foreign oil?"

I suppose that while we are in an economic struggle and recession, the prices may stay low. Also, now that we are hearing of a "global economic slowdown", this could also cause prices to stay low. One never knows with the price of gasoline. I am fearful, however, that these low fuel prices are going to cause Americans to regress to their gas guzzling ways, eschewing the smaller compact vehicles for the big trucks and SUV's once again!

Tell me what you think. Will fuel prices stay at these prices, or are we in for a rude awakening? Also, tell me what the price of gasoline is in your neck of the woods!

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