Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What does Obama's election mean?

Well, I am somewhat surprised that America sent a black, former(?) Muslim to the White House. Personally, I would have felt much more comfortable with Hilary than with Hussein as she represents the devils I know as to the complete unknown, aka Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, if he can avoid being compelled by the Federal Courts to prove his US citizenship, what do you think he will try to do for the nation? Inflammatory campaign rhetoric aside, what will be his primary agenda? The one thing I am sure he will push for is higher personal income taxes, so be prepared to bring home less. Will Obama work with Congress to ease the current financial crunch?

More importantly, will Obama try and wean us from Big Oil and insure that US citizens have an alternative to gasoline combustion engines? Alternatives that do NOT burn oil? Personally, I doubt it and I am prepared for four long years.

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