Thursday, November 13, 2008

OEM CNG vehicles

Did you know that major auto manufacturer's make vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG)? I have previously written about the Pickens Plan on this blog and how their goal is to convert most of the US fleet to CNG. Today, CNG is abundant and relatively inexpensive in the United States (less than 1 dollar per gallon in Utah), which is in sharp opposition to crude oil and gasoline that we need to import. Furthermore, burning CNG in an internal combustion engine is drastically cleaner than burning gasoline. It is so much cleaner that California will give you HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) status for driving a CNG vehicle.

Here are some examples of CNG burning automobiles:

-- The Honda Cixic GX:
-- The Chevy Cavalier CNG bi-fuel vehicle
-- The Chevy Suburban/Silverado 2500 vehicles
-- The Ford Contour CNG bi-fuel
-- The Ford 150 truck
-- the Ford Excursion

You can see these for sale at various websites which I will list below. These vehicles are made by the auto manufacturers and then sold to fleets but not to you and I. The only exception is the Honda Civic GX, which is a great car. My question is, "Why can't I walk into my local Chevy dealer and buy a new Chevy Cavalier CNG bi-fuel vehicle?" I can buy one used after the fleet is finished with it, but not when the car is new.

If we had more of these vehicles for sale and more stations that sold CNG at the pump, we could march ever onwards towards living oil free.

CNG Cars for Sale
Morris Auto Sales
US Government Fleet Auctions

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