Friday, November 14, 2008

Utilities offer to be early plug-in hybrid vehicle consumers

Here's a very interesting story from the Wall Street Journal (

"The auto industry's quest to launch a new generation of electric cars may get a big boost from a sector with much to gain from getting advanced vehicles on the road: U.S. electric utilities.

Top executives at several utilities are mulling the possibility of ordering thousands of the vehicles -- known as plug-in electric cars -- as an expression of support for the technology they fear could be derailed by the auto industry's financial traumas. The cars would run primarily on electricity, with gasoline to extend their range, and would recharge by plugging into standard electrical outlets."

This is precisely what the United States needs in these difficult times. Several electric companies, including Xcel Energy Inc., Progress Energy, PG&E Corp., Edison International, Wisconsin Energy Corp. are stating their willingness to help out the ailing auto industry by purchasing thousands of PHEV's. This synergy between auto companies and electricity providers is necessary to ensure the success of electric vehicles.

The article continues:

"Many in the industry are concerned about the stresses such new cars could put on the nation's electric grid. If utilities become early plug-in-car adopters, they'd have a prime opportunity to make sure recharging happens in a way that strengthens the electric grid, rather than weakens it."

I hope that Congress hears this message from the electric companies. Having two industries working together for the betterment of both sure seems like a good idea to me. Plus, I can't wait to get my hands on an electric or plug-in electric vehicle.

As a nation, these United States must come together and rid the plague of oil dependence as soon as feasible. This announcement from the electric companies is a huge step in the right direction.

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