Monday, November 24, 2008

News from the Day

A couple of interesting developments for today's news are worth noting. First, Tim Leuliette, CEO of suburban Detroit supplier Dura Automotive Systems Inc., has proposed a caravan of vehicles from the Big Three be dispatched to Washington. Apparently, this would be a show of support for what the US automakers are capable of producing. They would showcase hybrids, diesels, low-emission four-cylinders and possibly electric vehicles. Not a bad idea, in my opinion but the coup de grace would be Rick Wagoner making the entire trip in a Chevy Volt mule. The mule is basically a Chevy Cruze with all the innards of the upcoming Volt. Of course, they would have to make pit stops along the way to recharge the battery pack.

In other news, major automakers are pulling out of upcoming auto shows. I actually think this is prudent, considering the state of the global economy and the incredibly sagging sales of new vehicles.

From Automotive News:

"Nissan North America has canceled plans to participate in the annual Detroit and Chicago auto shows, citing depressed economic conditions. The decision puts Nissan and Infiniti brands onto a growing list of automakers that are skipping out on the major Detroit international marketing event in 2009. Also withdrawing from the January show are Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. The Chicago auto show is scheduled for February. Both shows draw media attention to new products from all over the world, in addition to displaying the product line-ups to local consumers. Nissan corporate spokesman Alan Buddendeck said the decision reflects the current state of the industry and not the Detroit and Chicago shows themselves."

What do you think? Should the automakers continue to parade around their concept vehicles and gas guzzlers during these trying times?

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