Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid block US Automaker bailout

In a sickening twist, the two Congressional leaders blocked any bailout efforts until the Big Three submit their plans for the future and outline how they will use the money. You wanna talk about grandstanding, Pelosi is acting like she is the queen bee who is gonna force the automakers into submission. I feel like she is treating the Big Three like they are little children who need to write sentences until they learn their lesson. Here is a quote from Pelosi (whom I dislike more each day):

"Until they show us a plan, we can't show them the money."

This from the person who just pushed through the unprecedented 700 billion dollar banking bailout. So our government will not LOAN 25 billion to our auto companies but will readily SPEND 700 billion on evil, reckless banking institutions? It reminds me of a bible verse that describes hypocrites who can swallow a camel but strain at a gnat.

I am afraid if I were the CEO of GM, Ford or Chrysler, I would tell Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to stick it where the sun don't shine. This, of course, explains why I am not!

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